Who can buy?

While the recent passage of Colorado’s amendment 64 has legalized the possession and use of small quantities of cannabis for individuals 21+ for recreational and 18+ for those holding medical registration cards.

To access Colorado’s recreational retail marijuana you must bring a valid ID and be 21+.
To access medical marijuana the process is as follows:
  1. Patients who wish to gain access to medical marijuana must make an appointment with a physician who can make the recommendation. We do not have a physician on site but we can refer you to the appropriate office.
  2. The physician’s paperwork must be sent via certified mail to the state with a fee of $35.
  3. Bring copies of your paperwork to Serene Wellness with proof of mailing, you can now shop legally!

Contact Serene Wellness today at (Fraser/Winter Park) 970-363-7180 or (Empire) 303-569-2011

We offer Grand and Clear Creek County residents a 20% discount on all items in the store.

Once a month we offer our medical patients a BOGO 1/8 for a penny!

Make us your primary care giver by printing out the form below.

New patients Click here to Download PDF

Existing Patients Click here to download PDF

Fill it out, get it notarized, send it off! It’s that simple. We offer free on-site notary services, call ahead for availability. If you have question about anything, feel free to bring your paperwork to us and one of our staff will help to walk you through the process.

Along with the Forms, please have the following with you:
-Valid Driver’s License or proof of identity.
– Proof of registration with health department (Existing Patients)